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Photo Sorter

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About this project

During a scoutsactivity a lot of photos are taken, but all these pictures have to be sorted before publishing them. For a few photos this is an easy job, but when you have almost 2000 pictures this is a huge job, taking a lot of time.





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That's why I developed an easy solution to sort pictures, based on the same principle as Tinder. You have two buttons, a like and dislike button, and another pair for jumping between pictures. You like or dislike some pictures and when you're ready and confirm the pictures are devided in two seperate folders. One for the liked and the other for the disliked pictures.

The entire application is build with web technology, Electron from GitHub and node.js.

Some functions

  • importing pictures
  • like or dislike pictures
  • move pictures to a folder
  • open these folders

Future functions

  • renaming files
  • bundle pictures from multiple locations
  • detect pictures in subfolders
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